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Mt Hay Canyon chockstone abseil
Mt Hay Canyon, (c) Jake Anderson

The Australian Canyoning Association aims to

  • foster an appreciation for and co-operate to pursue safe, responsible canyoning and related activities.
  • promote a code of ethics for canyoning.
  • be the voice for the canyoning community.
  • care for the environment.

The association plans to contribute to this by:

  • liaison (including other associations, relevant authorities, and landholders).
  • assisting practically in caring for canyoning related environments (for example, working with relevant authorities, arranging working bees for the purpose of anchor maintenance, track maintenance and bushcare).
  • developing and maintaining a recommended guide for safe and responsible canyoning (including guidelines for canyon leaders).
  • arranging workshops for the development of safe and responsible canyoning skills (including safe anchors, rigging options, knots for canyoning, and equipment).
  • maintaining a link with international canyoning bodies.
  • developing and maintaining a canyon registry, consistent with preserving the wilderness integrity of unpublished canyons.
  • developing and promoting a consistent method of canyon grading.