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The Australian Canyoning Association is supported by regional delegates.

These delegates help represent the Association on local issues.
These delegates are:

NSW – Blue Mountains: Geoff Fox
I began canyoning about 15 years ago and became totally hooked. It is a great privilege to enter the exciting, subterranean world known only to canyoners. I love the teamwork and camaraderie that bonds the group. Blue Mountains canyons are my home. My interests include best canyoning practice, risk management and training Upper Blue Mountains Bushwalking Club canyoners.
Queensland: Jason McFarlane
Was a little under two years ago that I had my first canyoning experience. I was on a hike and I mentioned I had seen a photo of someone abseiling down a waterfall in Burnett Creek when someone on the hike said they had been there and would take me sometime. A little over a month later we organised the trip. It was one of the most fun outdoor experiences I’ve had and my love for it has only grown stronger since!
Tasmania: Anthony O’Hern
Started out as a white water kayaker aged 12, leading to work as a bushwalking and rafting guide while studying philosophy and politics at uni. Spent my 20s travelling the world with my kayak and working as a rafting and canyoning guide in a bunch of different locations. Adventuring highlights included paddling some amazing rivers in Nepal, Tibet and Tajikistan and a month long solo trek along the Great Wall of China. Now with three young kids, getting out of bed in the morning is an adventure.
Victoria: Robert Oakenshield
Robert fell into canyoning somewhat by accident, having come from a kayaking and climbing background. Nowadays he’s known to convince friends to scope out some remote watercourse because “I thought I glimpsed a waterfall on this one sat image…”, but at least he’s not making them carry a kayak.
Victoria: Sam Thompson
Sam came into canyoning via the backstage entrance known as caving and he is interested in fostering a small community of skilled and experienced canyoners. Having a degree in mathematics and an impressive instagram following he likes encouraging people to develop skills in a low risk environment and helps organise search and rescue in Victoria.